Final Year Project Abstract — Test Automation in ERP Applications

Test Automation in ERP Applications

Optimization and Enhancement

Shafiq Alibhai

K. Nishant

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering


Test Automation in ERP Applications

Optimization and Enhancement


Test Automation plays vital role in Enterprise applications implementation. Majority of the Enterprises run their businesses by using Packaged applications like SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, etc. These business processes are highly customized depending on the Organizations business and objectives.

As Development and Testing these implementations and deploying within in the budget and timeframes are crucial for an Organization business commitment drives IT departments at these Organizations to looks for accelerators of testing process. These accelerators are in the form of Test Automation tools available in market and also Frameworks to deploy these tools.

The problem is to identify the ways and means to enhance and improve such Test Automation Framework.

**Project Scope:**Single script will be able to execute hundreds of test scenarios.

**Tools:**QuickTest Professional (test execution engine), Microsoft Debugger, Text Editor, ERP applications (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, etc)

**Development Platform:**Microsoft Windows XP professional

**Deployment Platform:**Microsoft Windows XP professional

Languages / Technologies: VBScript

Reference Material:

  • Wrox VBScript Programmers Reference by Adrian, Kathie and Daniel
  • QuickTest Professional tutorial by Mercury
  • SAP for MIT – Basic Skills / Self Study by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Name of Students:

  • Shafiq Alibhai
  • K. Nishant

External Project Guide:

  • Mr. Ravi Kumar Addanki (Director Arsin Systems)

Internal Project Guide:

  • Prof. Balram (Head of Department CSE)

Project Work Centre: Arsin Systems Private Limited, Hyderabad - 034